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Welcome to Kind Hand Security Training!


Congratulations on taking the first steps to a rewarding career!

Kind Hand Security Training offers professional and in-depth security guard training approved by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.  At Kind Hand Security Training, you will acquire:


  • Examples of real-world experiences to expect while on the job as a security guard and the appropriate responses to properly manage those experiences,

  • Direction on how to maintain a concise record of activities through written and oral reports,

  • Ways to provide an effective security presence,

  • Tips on the best ways to control a crowd,

  • Best ways to communicate with emergency services (NYPD, FDNY, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), etc.),

  • And much more!!!!

Registration Required- No Walk-Ins Permitted


“Mr. Carter was very helpful in helping me find a new career that I’m happy about.” -Jason T.


“I’ve been a security guard for years and have taken my 8-hour annual every year but Mr. Carter’s class was the best I’ve ever attended because it was very informative.” -Michael D.


“Taking Mr. Carter’s 8-hour pre-assignment and 16-hour OJT classes exceeded my expectations. He made sure to take his time to prepare our class for everything we needed to know to be successful security guards.” -Bernard F. 


“Carter is the best out there. I have to give it to him!!! He held the class well the whole time. I didn’t want to fall asleep as I usually would with these types of classes. We had actual conversations and he made sure all questions were answered with a precise understanding. Carter really showed that he cared about the classes’ career as a whole as soon to be security guards and gave great useful advice. Definitely recommend taking his class!!" -Amaya V. 


Mission Statement

"At Kind Hand Security Training, our mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to excel in the field of security...

Becoming a Security Guard 


Security Guard License Eligibility

  • Be a minimum of 18 years old

  • Have a valid New York State Driver’s License or New York State Non-Driver ID card

  • Have not been convicted of a serious criminal offense

Step One

Obtain your 8-Hour Pre-Assignment Certificate by attending an 8-Hour Pre-Assignment Security Guard Class.  


step two

 After obtaining your 8-Hour Pre-Assignment Certificate, most employers require that you also obtain your 16-Hour OJT (On The Job Training) Certificate. This process takes two (2) days to complete.

step three

Make a fingerprinting appointment, complete the Security Guard application and pay license fee.  It could take 21 days to receive the license.

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