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License Steps

Security Guard License Eligibility

  • Be a minimum of 18 years old

  • Have a valid New York State Driver’s License or New York State Non-Driver ID card

  • Have not been convicted of a serious criminal offense

How to Apply for a NYS Security Guard License

Step 1

 Obtain your 8-Hour Pre-Assignment Certificate by attending an 8-Hour Pre-Assignment Security Guard Class.


This process only takes one (1) day to complete. you would like to feature.

Step 2

 After obtaining your 8-Hour Pre-Assignment Certificate, most employers require that
you also obtain your 16-Hour OJT (On The Job Training) Certificate.

This process takes two (2) days to complete. the information you would like to feature.

Step 3

 Make a fingerprinting appointment. Go online to and select “Get Fingerprinted” or call 877-472-6915 to schedule an appointment.


-You will be asked to give the ORI number (Service Code): 1545R1

-The current fee is $102

Step 4

Complete the Security Guard License application (Form DOS-1206). You can download the application online at and search: Form DOS-1206.

Mail the following:

  1. The completed Security Guard license application (Form DOS-1206) 

  2. A copy of your Pre-Assignment certificate

  3. One (1) IdentoGo fingerprinting receipt

  4. $36 money order payable to NYS Department of State.

Department of State – Division of Licensing Services

PO Box 22052

Albany, NY 12201-2052

If there are no issues with your application and you have included all the required documents in the envelope, you should receive your Security Guard License within 21 days. Any mistakes can delay the process.

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